ISA-4 Functionality

Controls who has access to which functionality and the way they can use them. Creates user groups, user accounts, controls security settings, provides detailed audit trails of user activity.

Facilitates and accelerates IRIS terminal configurations. Create templates for your IRIS terminal configurations and apply them in seconds. Create a group of IRIS terminals, update their respective template and the update will be automatically applied to all relevant IRIS terminals.

Controls each individual setting of each individual IRIS terminal. Let’s you add new IRIS terminals and change or delete existing ones.

System Detective
Detects systems faults, notifies Alarm Receiving Centre staff instantly and suggests potential causes. Produces a snapshot of your ISA-4 system for instant health checks.

System Analyser
For powerful, detailed, real-time system analysis that identifies the deepest problems in the shortest time. Finds the cause of intermittent faults with visual aids and comprehensive reports.

Terminal Detective
Detects every connected IRIS terminal with a problem and notifies instantly.

Terminal Analyser
See deep into IRIS terminal problems using simple steps that produce detailed reports. Find intermittent terminal faults easily with powerful historical graphs.

Terminal Dialogue
Interact directly with your IRIS terminals, wherever you are. The Terminal dialogue is highly reliable, very straightforward and lets the installer access terminals individually without involving the Alarm Receiving Centre and this in a perfectly secure manner.

Verification of performance (VoP)
The VoP analyses the availability and performance of the ISA-4 system VoP reports can be generated for a single IRIS terminal, group of terminals or system wide.

Remote Service
Remote access to alarm panels for configuration, maintenance and diagnostics is important to all installers. The Remote Service allows installers to gain secure access to panels even behind firewalls. This ISA-4 tool allows the use of manufacturer’s own remote management software from the installer’s own laptop/PC just as he would if he was directly connected to the panel on site. In many cases this means higher speeds of working, way above the 300 bps modems inherent in most alarm panels.

All IRIS terminals are capable of reflashing firmware remotely to ensure that the terminal is always updated to the latest facilities and releases. The Reflasher allows a single terminal or a group of terminals to be updated to the latest software revisions, eliminating site visits to reconfigure.